Humans were not meant to sit in cubicles staring at computer screens all day; this is what many people aspire to. We have the inborn instincts of hunters; there are people that want hunting and even eating meat at all to be banned. We naturally seek adventure; there are people that have never even left the city of their birth, even in the West.

There are things to be said for advancement of civilization. No one can deny their awe that humans have walked on an alien world. But there are some activities that human beings should never give up.

I’ve been researching and practicing wilderness survival skills, edible and medicinal wild plants, nutrition, subsistance farming and hunting. Whether you’re a practiced outdoorsman or a citygirl that doesn’t know what she’s missing, I can show you how to have fun, how to stay safe and most important, how to survive both short term and long term.

And the long term is key, at least for me. After buying the necessary equipment for transportation, construction and to record my life, I will be moving off the grid into Manitoba’s vast Boreal Shield. I will show you how to live off the land, only returning to civilization for a few weeks per year to sell goods, buy supplies that are more difficult to get such as salt and upload video.


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